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Winter Olympics

Ice Hockey
Ice Skating
Torino Olympics

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Operation Tribute Freedom

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Winter Olympics

Ice Hockey
Ice Skating
Torino Olympics

Group Two


Group Three
Operation Tribute Freedom

Open Community

Professional Development for Teachers: France

The Punch and Judy College of Professors
UK organisation of leading professional Punch and Judy performers.

International Marionnette Institute
The International Puppet Institute of Charleville-Mézières was founded in 1981. Together with its National School of Puppetry (ESNAM), both with a world-wide concern, it represents an unparalleled set of means and activities dedicated to puppetry and its promotion. The Institute deals with many fields: education, vocational and continuous training, courses, meetings, publishing, research and documentation, exhibitions. Site in French and English.

PUNCH AND JUDY ON THE WEB  PUNCH AND JUDY ON THE WEB, How to book and where to see Punch and Judy shows, gallery and contact details

Marionnettes au Théâtre Guignol de Villeneuve-la-Garenne
Compagnie animant des spectacles de marionnettes au théâtre Guignol de Villeneuve-la-Garenne et au Théâtre Guignol Anatole dans le 19ème arrondissement..

"il était une joie" - théâtre de guignol
A French puppet theater, touring Europe and abroad. The history of the group, information about the puppets, photo gallery from the show and workshops.

Cannes International Film Festival
Official site of the annual Cannes Film Festival.

PUPPET Liste Puppets, human or animal figures,
generally of a small size and performing on a miniature stage, 
manipulated by an unseen operator who usually speaks the dialogue.
 A distinction is made between marionettes, 
moved by strings or wires from above, and hand puppets, 
in which the hand of the operator is concealed 
in the costume of the doll. 

Popular forms of the puppet show include the Punch and Judy shows of England and the Guignol in France.

Une réplique célèbre de Punch est : 
"That's the way to do it!" (C'est comme ça qu'il faut faire !)

Puppet theaters have been established in the Americas; 
old epic dramas, often based on the Chanson de Roland 
and other medieval and modern pieces, have drawn crowded houses. 

The Greeks of the 5th cent. b.c. were familiar with it; 
in Java, China, and Japan it is almost immemorial; in the Europe
 of the Middle Ages it was the most popular form of 
entertainment for the masses; and it is a constituent in many folk 


From the end of the 16th cent. to the end of the 18th, 
puppet or marionette shows, sometimes called motions, 
reached the summit of their vogue on the Continent 
and in England. During Puritan times in England they 
flourished after the theaters were prohibited. 

On the Continent great writers such as Goethe and major composers 
including Mozart and Haydn wrote for them. 
Avant-garde theater, such as Alfred Jarry's Ubu Roi (1896), 
used puppets in reaction against naturalistic conventions; 
Manuel de Falla composed a puppet opera, 
El Retablo de Maese Pedro (1926). 

In 18th-century Japan the most celebrated dramatists wrote 
plays for the bunraku, 
or puppet theater. Nonetheless, puppets have primarily 
been used in popular entertainment.

Puppets have enjoyed something of a renaissance in 
late 20th-century America. 
For instance, during the 1950s in the United States, 
Burr Tilstrom's hand-puppet show Kukla, Fran, and Ollie 
was a popular television series. In the 1960s, 
Jim Henson created a group of madcap educational 
and entertaining puppets, 
known as Muppets, that appeared in the television 
series Sesame Street and their own feature films. 

During the Vietnam War and after, 
the Bread and Puppet Theatre 
utilized larger-than-life puppets in their 
political theater pieces. 
At the end of the 20th cent. and the beginning
 of the 21st a new generation of creative puppeteers,
 including Roman Paska, 
Julie Taymor, and Basil Twist, were producing 
a variety of innovative new works and updated classics.

The art of ventriloquism (making the voice appear to come 
from a source other than the speaker) has also been 
associated with the puppet. The manipulator, in full view, 
converses with the "dummy," a large doll usually held
 in the lap of the manipulator. 
The dummy's words appear to issue from its own mouth. 
Skillful ventriloquists are able to speak the doll's 
words without moving their lips and to "throw" their 
voices so that their dummies appears to speak.

See S. Bemegal, Puppet Theatre around the World (1961); 
P. Fraser, Puppets and Puppetry (1972); G. Woods, 
Jim Henson (1987); G. Speaight, 
The History of the Puppet Theatre (2d ed. 


The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition Copyright© 2004,
Columbia University Press. Licensed from Lernout & 
Hauspie Speech Products N.V. All rights reserved. 

Punch and Judy: A Grand Guignol by Christopher P. Reilly, Jorge Santillan, and Darron Laessig

Puppet Books from Ray DaSilva
Books on puppet theory, history, construction methods, performing techniques. Biography

Barry Purves
Article from Bright Lights Film Journal discusses the major works of the British puppet animator.

Harlequin Puppet Theatre
Details and pictures of productions and puppets, and information for research into the British marionette tradition from the Colwyn Bay based venue.

Punch and Judy
Information, history, FAQs, How to book and where to see Punch and Judy shows, gallery and contact details.

The Punch Page
Cornucopia of Punch history. Photographs, articles, how to make a swazzle and sound clips.

The British Puppet and Model Theatre Guild
Profile, events, membership information, history and links.

Pelham Puppets Online
Dedicated to puppets made by the Pelham Company from 1947 to 1992. History, care, range and classifieds.

The Punch and Judy Fellowship
Constitution, media information, membership application and news.

Biggar Puppet Theatre and the Purves Puppets
Scotland's only permanent puppet theatre. Information on puppet shows, workshops, children's parties, Christmas shows, teacher inservice and touring company.

The Puppeteers' Company
Touring company. Performance details, puppets and workshop video.

The Presto Puppet Theatre
Touring company using a variety of styles: contact information, productions, profile and link.

Just Puppets
Professional puppet shows from Paul Garofalo, Cambridgeshire. Shows, prices, bouncers and workshops.

The Puppet Lab
Information and contact details for Edinburgh based puppet makers Symon Macintyre and Kim Bergsagel: tours, education projects and mailing list.

Dandelion Puppets
Puppet shows, childrens entertainment, wildlife shows. See and learn shows with an educational bias. Brighton.

Hands Up for God Creative Ministry
Team in Leicestershire who arrange puppet events and workshops for churches. Information about their activities, books, scripts, puppets and how to book.

Flying Pig Parties
Two person touring theatre company specialising in people and puppet shows for schools, parties and events in the South of England.

The Puppet Work-Shop
Traditional papier-mache puppets, marionettes and puppet-theatres made to order plus puppet making workshops in the South of England.

Kallini Puppets
Puppet workshop, which operates throughout the UK. Photos and descriptions of the players. On line booking form or contact by phone.

Storybox Theatre
Touring theatre company that produces puppet shows for both children and adults. Background, productions, schools service and appearances at international festivals.

Bobo Theatre
A design for children to use with glove puppets. Full instructions and ilustrations.

Ted and Kath Beresford
Performers who also run workshops, masterclasses and puppetry weekends. Also offers puppets for sale.
Walk the Talk Christian Puppet Ministry
Puppet ministry team specialising in communicating the gospel to the under 13 age group. Details of beliefs, puppets and animations. Based in Staffordshire.

Scripts from Puppet Resources
Puppet script archive focused on kids 16 & under. Includes Christian and non-Christian scripts.

Legends & Lore: Puppet Resource Center
Ideas for teaching with puppets and for making puppets and props.

Make a Toy Theatre

EnchantedLearning: Puppets and Marionettes
Directions to help kids create their own puppets from materials found around the house.

Punch and Judy: A Grand Guignol -- by Christopher P. Reilly Le Petit Chaperon Rouge (Children's)
by Marie Eykel (Narrator) Le Petit Chaperon Rouge (Coffragants)
(Audio Cassette - January 1998) Le Petit Chaperon rouge
by Marthe Faribault, Mireille Levert (Board book - November 17, 2002)

La celebre famille du petit chaperon rouge
by Anne-Laure Witschger .... Petits chaperons loups
by Christian Bruel, Nicole Claveloux.... Loup-Rouge - Loup-Rouge, petit garou - Loup-Rouge et Lili Chaperon rouge
by Domitille de Pressensé ( ..... Le Petit Frere Du Chaperon Rouge
by Marc Tremblay, Steve Lapierre (Illustrator)

Où est le Petit Chaperon rouge?
by Anne-Laure Witschger
(Board book - May 18, 1999)

Le Petit Chaperon rouge et autres contes
by Jacob Grimm, et al Petit Chaperon Rouge
by Fernand Nathan Le Petit Chaperon Vert
by Solotareff Le Petit Chaperon rouge à Manhattan
by Carmen Martín Gaite, et al LA Petite Souris, LA Belle Fraise Rouge, Et Le Gros Ours Affame (Paperback, 1990)
Author: Audrey Wood, Don Wood
Illustrated by: Don Wood

Aujourd'hui théâtre !
Pour faire un bon petit chaperon
(coffret de 5 livrets + étiquettes + 1 affiche) by Christian Jolibois, et al

Le Petit Chaperon Rouge by Lavater

Le Petit Chaperon Rouge (Hardcover - January 1983)
Loup-Rouge et Lili Chaperon rouge
by Domitille de Pressensé
 Le Petit Chaperon de ta couleur (1 livre + 1 CD audio)
by Vincent Malone, et al Prokofiev/Pierre Et Le Loup [IMPORT]
Jacques Brel

Le Petit Chaperon Rouge
(Hardcover - January 11, 1999)

 - -

 - -

Little Red Riding Hood (Classic Stories)
by Linda Sorgini, Annabel Malak (Illustrator)

Pierre et le loup by Anonyme and Richard Bernal
(Board book - Jan 1, 1997)

I Can Sing En Francais!: Fun Songs for Learning French (Hardcover, 1993) Other Editions...
Author: Gaetane Armbrust, Louise Morgan-Williams
Illustrated by: Jane Launchbury


correspondance Mastering French Business Vocabulary
by Bernard Gillmann, Martin Verrel The Ultimate French Review and Practice
by David M. Stillman, Ronni L. Gordon Mastering French Vocabulary
by Wolfgang Fischer, Anne-Marie Plouhinec The Oxford French Business Dictionary
by Marianne Chalmers, Martine Pierquin 101 French Idioms
by Jean-Marie Cassagne, Luc Nisset-Raidon The Oxford-Duden Pictorial French and English Dictionary
by Genevieve Lebaut (Editor), et al

En Francais: Rapid Success in French for Beginners (Language Immersion Institute Series) -- by Marc Bendali, 

Marie-Paule Mahoney; Audio CD  	Apprentissage du Cinema Français (French Cinema)
by Alan Singerman Facile à dire! Les sons du francais
by Annie Duménil

 Let's Go 2006 France (Let's Go France)  by Inc. Let's Go   	 
Great starting point for traveling around France. Verify everything beforehand, however!

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