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Open Community
Winter Olympics

Olympic Winter Games
A brief history. Also includes news, editorials, book reviews, games, a timeline, and links.

2008 Beijing Games
Official site of the Chinese Summer Olympics. Contains fact sheets, athlete and venue profiles, cultural information and news.

Beijing 2008
Beijing Organizing Committee's official site featuring a press center and call for designs for the Beijing Summer Games.

Beijing 2008 China Olympics Center
Unofficial site of the 2008 Summer Games. Contains news and information on past and future Olympic Games, plus a profile of sports in China.

Boycott Beijing 2008
No Beijing 2008 fights against Olympic games China's candidature in 2008. It gives news and facts on human rights violations about the People's Republic of China.

International Olympic Committee - Beijing 2008
News, facts, athletes, and sports.

Australian Olympic Committee and Network 7
Hourly updates on all Olmypic events, athletes and results. Site medal tally; olympic athlete chat and online trivia sections. Featured articles on the results and competition. Plus email alert and profiles for site members.

Barbados Olympic Association
Includes organization information and news.

Bermuda Olympic Association
Features organization information, athletes, calendar, and photographs.

British Olympic Association
Official site with updated team news and other information with related links.

Bulgarian Olympic Committee
Includes organization, athletes, past and current games, news, and the Bulgarian Olympic Academy.

Canadian Olympic Committee
Official site providing information about coaches and athletes with media and links. [English and French]

Chinese Olympic Committee
Features news, organization, Olympic coverage, and athlete profiles.

Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee
Includes organization information, events, hall of fame, calendar, and publications.

Czech Olympic Committee
Features news, articles, and team guide.

Danish Olympic Committee
Features organization information, national federations, games, and teams.

Finnish Olympic Committee
Features organization, articles, and history.

Gambia National Olympic Committee
Includes news, membership, and programs.

German National Olympic Committee
Official site providing the history and overview of the committee mission.

Guam National Olympic Committee
Official site with news, schedules and updates about the team and committee.

Hellenic Olympic Committee
The official site with news about the progress of the Games.

Indian Olympic Association
Provides an overview of the Indian committee.

Japanese Olympic Committee
Includes organization, mission, and history.

Korean Olympic Committee
Official site with committee overview, event information, and pictures.

Kuwait Olympic Committee
The official site with local clubs and sport federations, historical summary and results, calendar, and a list of star Kuwait athletes.

Lebanese Olympic Committee
Official site includes news, events, calendar, photos, and related links.

Lithuanian National Olympic Committee
The official site with news, calendar, contacts, and links.

Macedonian Olympic Committee
The official site with presidency, secretariat, hall of fame, national federations, and a calendar.

Malta Olympic Committee
The official site with objectives, history, associations, executive board, links, and a newsletter.

National Olympic Committee Of Armenia
Includes organization, history, and members. In Armenian and English.

National Olympic Committee Of Azerbaijan
Includes history, organization, and news.

National Olympic Committee of Iraq
The official site includes news and features, calendar and a photo gallery.

National Olympic Committee of South Africa
The official site with annual report, news, and updates about the team.

National Olympic Committee of Turkey
Features organization information, athletes, news, and history.

National Olympic Committee of Ukraine
Information on current issues and the summer Olympic games in Athens.

Netherlands Olympic Committee and Netherlands Sport Confederation
Includes organization, history, and news. In Dutch and English.

New Zealand Olympic Committee
Includes history, news, and a list of Olympic sports with contact details.

NOC Afghanistan
Includes profile of the Olympic ambassador, photos, organization activities, and news.

Oceania National Olympic Committees - ONOC
Regional association of national olympic committees in Oceania.

Olympic Council Of Asia
Governing body of all sports in Asia. Includes winter, summer, and regional game information, news and events, museum, forum, and related links.

Olympic Council of Ireland
Official site with team news, history, and sponsor information.

Olympic Council of Malaysia
Includes news, organization information, and calendar.

Philippine Olympic Committee
Features events, athletes, medal winners, news and photo gallery.

Qatar National Olympic Committee
The official site with news, sports information, pictures, and links.
Romanian Olympic Committee
Includes organization information, olympic team, hall of fame, and news. In Romanian and English.

Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee
The official site with history, structure, membership, photographs, and contacts.

Singapore National Olympic Council
Features news and upcoming events.

Slovak Olympic Committee
The official site with schedules, team news, and the committee.

St Vincent and Grenadines National Olympic Committee
Features calendar of NOC, IOC, CASCO and PASO events, photographs, and news.

Swaziland Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association
Features calendar, news, and organization information.

Swedish Olympic Committee
The official site with the team members and past events from Athens 1896 to the present. [Swedish and English]

The National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus
Features athletes, news, and images.

The US Virgin Islands Olympic Committee
Includes athletes, history, schedule, and federations.

Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee
Includes news, history, and organization information.

United States Olympic Committee
Includes information about athletes, merchandise, tickets, jobs, history, qualifications, and news.

Vietnam Olympic Committee
Features athletes, organization, and news.

2005 World Games
Duisburg, Germany. Includes a calendar of events, sports featured, and announcements.

AAU Junior Olympic Games
Annual muti-sport event for youth in the Unites States. Includes history, ticket information, schedule, accommodation information, photos, and news. Also features registration details, location, dates, and results of prior events.

All Africa Games
The Official 7th All Africa Games site. History, ceremonies, comments, press release, competitions.

Arafura Games
Event is held in Darwin, Australia, every 2 years. General information and guide to accommodation and event schedule.

Australasian Public Sector Games
[Melbourne] Includes medals and enterprise points.

Committee of the International Children's Games
History and purpose of ICG, news, photos, statute and past games.

Corporate Games
A multisport festival held annually in many countries around the world. Athletes compete representing their company. Includes information and results.

First Pacific Games
[Cali, 1995] General information, participating countries, and presentation of the mascot.
Information on Extreme Sports games, news, results, photos and videos, calendar. Includes online games.

International Children's Games
Describes how to participate, pictures, results, and press releases.

International Games Archive
Alphabetical and geographical list of sport games with news, links, search, schedule, and countdown.

Manitoba Games
The largest ongoing multi-sport event in the Canadian province alternating every 2 years between summer and winter events. Contains eligibility requirements, event details, history of the event, past results, and registration information.

North American Indigenous Games
Contains news items, a description of aboriginal culture, links, venues, and sports coverage. Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Pan-Armenian Games
Multilingual site with contact, calendar, and an appeal of the organizing committee.

Senior Something: Senior Games
News and information about summer and winter senior games, and game schedules.

South Pacific Mini-Games
[Samoa] Countries, schedule of events, daily picture, and results.

Stockholm Summer Games
An international sport event for young people from the whole world. News, contact, event schedule, booking.

Ultimate Fitness Challenge
A new style of ladies competition in the Netherlands solely for ladies who have to perform in mountainbike race, swimming, steeplechase course, distance run and a number of strength sport exercises. Includes rules, contestants, highlights, and results.

Vilacom Sports: The Sport List of Winners
Lists of major event winners from a range of sports including soccer, basketball, handball, hockey, water polo, tennis, cycling, motor sports, and American football.

World Medical and Health Games
Sports, accommodation, contacts, registration, FAQs, and shop.

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