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valentine decor Love Foil Confetti. The stunning Love Foil Confetti features red hearts and script
Fratelli Guzzini - Love - Placemat. Wear your heart on your table with the vibrant color and charming design of the Fratelli Guzzini Love Placemat. The word Make holiday or everyday cookies extra special when cut into shapes. Decorate with royal icing, coloured sugars, and sprinkles. Or, use to cut out shapes from brownies, bar cookies, or sandwiches. This boxed set of Valentine's Day cookie cutters tied with a decorative bow makes a great gift.
Set of 6: 1  placemat - Red Valentine String Light Set 50-Lights 16-feet Valentine's Day

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Catholic Encyclopedia: St. Valentine
Three saints named Valentine are mentioned in early martyrologies. The third was an African martyr of whom we know almost nothing. The first two, St. Valentine of Rome and St. Valentine of Terni, are probably identical. One is called a priest, the other a bishop. Both were imprisoned, beaten, beheaded, and buried along the Flaminian Way in the second half of the second century. Article also includes a little history of St. Valentines's Day.

Illustrated profile, with links.

Origins of St. Valentine's Day article relating the origins and evolution of St. Valentine's Day, along with a short explanation of why the Catholic Church no longer officially celebrates the day.

For All the Saints
Hagiography of St. Valentine of Terni, followed by the story of St. Valentine of Rome. As you will see, they are suspiciously similar.

Sacred Heart Parish: St. Valentine
Short, entertaining essay on the third-century bishop of Terni and martyr, and his feast day.

Explanation of Valentines Day

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